Treat farm animals the right way-the way of freedom!

If you eat animals that don’t live a good life, that are forced to grow faster than they naturally should then you are eating the wrong food.  You have to have aniamls that lived a good life, that didn’t have to be cramped in a box.  

I really like milk but I am going to plan to decrease my milk drinking activity because if I drink lots of milk it means that a calf isn’t getting it from his or her mom and and the mom doesn’t get to see her calf and the calf is often slaughtered.

Another change is that when I am eating meat I will look for RSPCA stamps of freedom and organic food.  

Pigs are intelligent, even more inteligent than our pet dog Sherlock but sometimes when it is intensive farming lots of pigs are kept in horrible, small boxes of metal with nothing to do so they bite each other tails.  So they cut of the tails to stop them.  Mommy pigs are kept in tiny cages adn they cant turn round or play, all they have to do is stare at the wall and bite the bars.  We should keep pigs outdoors in pens so that they can be free to eat grass, have young naturally, not be cramped and exercise and be able to explore, play with thier young and not only see them for a couple of days.

If I want to eat meat and  cheese and milk that is from animals that have had a better life it will cost more. So I need to eat more vegetables and to try some grains and beans.